While fancy stationery is a reason in itself to buy it, it seems to me that this mindless hoarding of beautiful stationery kits offers many seductive promises. With a budding consumer base around the globe, stationery kits turn out to be one of the most tempting stationary elements in this space. The Smooth voice of opening up that zip and organizing your stationery elements among those compartments, in the best possible way is a simple but satisfying feeling.

The Patterns, prints, and the materials used are the USP of writenery stationery kits.

 When it comes to buying and hoarding stationery, believe me, you are not alone. Searching #StationaryAddict on Instagram yields over 1,318,521 posts demonstrating people’s passion of stationery and the commitment that goes into creating collections of pens, pencils, and calendars.

Following are the promises, your fancy stationery kits make to yourself;-

*For one, it promises to unleash your creative potential. Like the belief that the right notebook can help you conquer the world. Or many people believe that the crisp first page of a new notebook can open a world of allowing you to be your most creative self. Also, the notion that the right pen and the right paper brought together can only result in brilliant and original ideas is a pretty strong motivator.

 *Second, anything hand-written whether letters or invitations has the power to generate anticipation and excitement in a way that text messages, emails, and social media platforms just can’t. And for an elite few that thrill rush is a significant reason in buying stationery.

*Third, and for me, this promise is the most important, stationary kits allow us to maintain structure and order in our busy lives. With the ongoing battle with digital toys–iPads, laptops and Kindles–in our lives, this growing dependence on these products has made people realize that really important stuff can be deleted with a tiny glitch. This impermanence is one of the strongest reasons why people can’t let go of keeping records, a copy of their contacts, daily schedule and other important stuff on paper. 

 Have you ever noticed how stationery kits isn’t just for kids, but also for adults, especially women? What is it about a new notebook, a lovely pen, a lovely letter-writing set, or a cheeky and amusing notecard that elicits such strong emotions, particularly in women? Journal writing is increasingly connected to enhanced mental and physical health, thus the basic notebook and pen have substantial credentials as therapeutic instruments. Some of the items that people identify with stationery are:

  1. It’s the ‘back-to-school’ feeling

According to psychologist Emma Kenny, the back-to-school feeling we enjoy while shopping for stationery expresses our desire for control and independence.

“As children, we have few options for controlling our environment or expressing our individuality. Stationery is a way of doing this,” she says. “As young people, we often long for the seriousness of stationery and feel that it represents us being considered independent.”

  • Handwritten notes mean more

Sending and receiving mail has become old-fashioned. Handwritten invitations and cards also seem to signify absolutes whereas digital substitutes can be ambivalent. Handwritten notes, invitations, and essages seem more personal and mean the world to the receiver!

  • Your stationery is literally your personality

Your stationery shows your passion for your work. The more picky, and particular you are about the stationery, the more sincere/committed you are to your job. It shows your attitude towards your work. The effort you put in while choosing your stationery is directly proportional to the success of the endeavor

 4 Features that make writenery ,the best companion for your fancy stationary kits temptations;-
· It is functional and practical: The stationary manufactured here is always made to deliver the best product to the customers. For example, the ink which is used in the fountain pen can be used both n the thin and the thick paper without any mess. There is no fault in the functionality of the products and the customer gets the best experience by using them.

·  Comes in beautiful and cute designs: The stationary products are designed with cute looks. For example, the designs which the erasers have sometimes make you feel like eating them. They come in so many varieties like fruits, cute dolls, cartoon characters, and many more. The tapes are also so versatile that people only like to use them.

·  Creative, innovative approaches to stationery problems: The products are full of creativeness and, they use all the power of engineering and designers to make the product. For example, the sharpener not only perfectly sharpens the pencil but also collates the waste that remained after sharpening the pencil. There are no worries of waste falling on the floor making look dirty. Another best example of creativity is the notebooks which come with a ring binder. And special color at the edge of the page makes it easy to find out different subject notes easily. In this way, you can maintain one notebook for many subjects.

·  Timeless sophistication: The design used to create the stationery is evergreen and it never fades away. The quality of the product makes it more sophisticated and posh. The best part is they are reasonable and can be brought by anyone. 

·  With respect to the creative process: The Japanese stationery manufacturer gives a lot of respect to writing skills and that is why they make y sure to keep in mind all the small details related to it. The writing experience by using this stationary product will not only engage the customer but also excite them to write more and more

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