For the man who has everything ,regardless of age, personalised Stationery can be the perfect present. His Notebooks can reflect his personal style. We live in an era where communication has gone digital.The act of sending a handwritten note has never been so impactful.To those who might be thinking about gifting a gentleman with an elegant writenery stationary set .The elegant Writenery prints will act as an extension of his personality.

If he is a Corporate leader, a timeless and classy planner will be well received by him. Well ,there has been a spike in masculine love for stationery. It seems to offer two great and seductive promises.

The first one being it unleashes creative potential. The abstract patterns and the jute finished covers ,is the sure shot way to bring out his inner Picasso. The second ,is that it feels like a lifestyle upgrade. Primarily because of the modern and Minimalist , Writenery’s designs.

After all, stationary still makes him feel better. Add to it,We have curated sizes that fits easily into your backpacks. Our premium set of journals is the best friend for the ones who love ‘’note making’’.

For the gloomy, confused and wanderer souls this product is a perfect companion. They don’t judge or taunt you ,they are just with you, helping you be with you. We have exclusive folders to keep his content pieces in the sorted way.It has dedicated compartments for documents, letters and business cards. The premium leather finish ,is surely going to up your style game.

The sole purpose was to garnish the workspaces ,with best in class premium luxe. The Writenery notebooks come with Classic ruler pages , giving big canvas to write on.The aim was to create a notebook that the consumer finds super easy to be with.

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