Premium Designer Stationery Kit


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Box: Transparent and acrylic material – 200 gsm thickness

Paper Binder Clips: White Metal, 4 quantity

Paper Pins: Silver , Metal, 6 quantity

Pen: Silver, Metal ,1 quantity,Blue Ink, Ball Point

Note Cards: 100 gsm printed paper, 60 quantity

To-do Lists: 100 gsm printed paper, 60 quantity



In Stock

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Premium Designer Stationery Kit, a chic box  full of stationery items for everyday use. The kit is full of accessories useful for planning, noting, organising and much more. It has 5 sections of 5 varieties of stationery items inside them.

The box,  transparent and chic it has a matte finish and comes with 5 sections to it. Best for storage before and after the use of stationery . Secondly use it as a trinket box later, to keep your knick knacks or hair accessories, extra stationery or even jewellery.

Paper Binder Clips, super useful stationery item. There are so many times when binding paper down seems necessary in a notebook. Even when organising loose pages, stapling and un stapling seems clumsy and irritable. Use these paper binders to to clip and unclip easily.

Paper Clips, end of all those weird looking, bad quality and colourful paper pins. These subtle black clips are easy to use, made of good quality material and more importantly are good looking.

Metallic Pen, a classic good looking plain and chic pen which slides on paper is something everyone appreciates. This pen delivers the same.

Note Cards, don’t struggle just pen down your notes, urgent messages or points to remember. These use and throw cards are great to take out things out of your system. Also useful for writing down personal messages on it while gifting.

To-do Lists, use them daily to organise your days and tasks. They are use and throw and compact in size for easy handling.


Making of Premium Designer Stationery Kit: 

We at Writenery always aim to create a multi-useful and purpose full product, that doesn’t only look good and but is super-effective as well. These stationery kits aim at providing different use for different consumers. Its made with finest of materials and un compromised quality.

Also perfect box to gift a stationery lover!


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