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Whether you’re in love with notecards and calligraphy or still remember the rush you got when cracking open that fresh Lisa Frank binder before your first day of middle school, one thing seems to be true: Most creatives seem smitten with stationery.In This digital day and age, so many people are still attached to the written word when it comes to correspondence.The catch is that we feel liberated by having choice and are nostalgic about those choices, which include physical cards and pens and notebooks.

Writenery being the one-stop solution for all your paper-backed desk essentials and fancy sets caters to you with the best-in-class stationery pieces.

 After acing her design-centric career and serving her clients with the utmost professionalism, our founder Mrs. Pragya Varma aimed to pave the way for Ambitious Indian minds, with Classy handpicked stationery pieces.

She aims to garnish the productive spaces of millennials with pocket friendly stationery pieces influenced by with urban design quotient.

Believe me, you are not alone when it comes to buying and hoarding stationery. Searching #StationeryAddict on Instagram yields over 1,318,521 posts demonstrating people’s passion for stationery and the commitment that goes into creating collections of pens, pencils, and calendars. Well, writenery is someone you can trust with your eyes closed when it comes to ‘’Quality Stationary’’. You probably also have colour-coordinated Post-it Notes as well as fountain pens, markers, and highlighters in various shades. You may not have ever written a letter, but you probably have envelopes of various shapes and sizes. Oh, and don’t forget about all the scissors you own, but only use the oldest ones.

“There is something about a new pen, notebook etc that makes many adults quite emotional. The smell and cleanness of a fresh notebook makes us feel that, within this book, anything can be achieved. We could write lists, letters to loved ones, write our memories or have our children draw us pictures which we can keep forever. The sense of potential can be quite a draw.”

So here’s presenting 5 reasons why, writenery’s cute stationery can amplify your productive acumen, and help you get over you dull/lagging day.

1. Timeless sophistication.

Products that last and don’t go out of style are the signature of writenery’s cute stationery.

We offer aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, gender neutral, and top of the line paper product. Paper that is literally as smooth as silk, it makes writing by hand a dream come true. Quality at a reasonable price, in a style that broadcasts sophistication and class.

2. An eye for and attention to detail with cute stationery

Minute details are what make similar products stand out from each other, and make a product functional, fun, and beautiful all at the same time. From Jute textured hardcover edges  to perfectly cute stationery sets, details make a big difference.

3. It’s functional and practical.

Writenery’s cute stationery pieces aim to please and deliver products that really work. When we say functional we mean unmatched levels of efficiency ,whether its Cute stationary kits, folders or organisers,the utility elevates desk productivity to infinity.

4. Cute stationery Comes in beautiful (and super cute!) design options.

 We aren’t just adding tangible desk stuff ,instead, we are adding a sense of

Uniformity and class to your office spaces via office stationary

In fact ,The catch is that the designs are sober and expressive at the same time.

,Our sole aim is to watch Corporate leaders walking around their workspaces with Writenery organizers in their hands and productive juices in their head.

We believe in Curating  Minimalist art pieces which define you,are super easy to work ,stylish yet simple and elegant and most important

Value for money for everyone willing to buy it.

5. Respect for the creative process.

We at writenery are respectful of the writing process, small details, and what their customers want. The writing experience is interactive and creative, and these products are meant to engage and excite customers through all elements of writing (paper, pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser, pencil sharpeners, decorative tape, etc

Well this is just the beginning and we have already built an organic community with a knack for abstract designs and patterns, which we are grateful for. As quoted earlier that ‘’Writenery designers never sleep’’ as they are busy toying with infinite creative patterns, to serve you with best-in-class stationery pieces. This is all from our side, Go check out the latest writenery range on web and order the most appealing ones now.


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