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Many people wish to work from home. It sounds fantastic. But if you work from home, you know that the reality is far different from what most people believe!

What is the most significant aspect of working from home? Keeping organised! People who work from home must be organised or risk falling behind and failing to finish the necessary tasks. Well ,whatever the case may be , a work planner can be an absolute game changer.

  1. Having a time management system in place stops things from falling through the cracks. If you’re relying on post-its, notes in your phone, or even just your memory (even if it’s a really great memory) things are bound to get lost of forgotten. By using a planner, you’ll have a go-to place to store all of your information.
  2. Writing things down helps you remember. Something happens in our brains when we write something down that helps us commit things to memory better.
  3. When you have a planner, you can realistically plan out your time. If you’re really writing everything down and scheduling things, it’s harder to overestimate how much you can get done in a unit time.
  4. Work Planners reduce stress. Once you get in the habit of using your planner, you know you can rely on it. You don’t have to worry about forgetting something if you regularly check your planner use it consistently. You know that nagging feeling that you forgot something or that something important you need to do won’t happen? I solved all that with help from my planner. It’s so much easier to live with peace of mind when you know you have all your needed information written down somewhere. Everything is there, so you don’t need to stress – it’s all there in your little helper.
  5. Work Planners help you say no. When you can see exactly what you have scheduled, and what you need to do, it’s easier to say no to commitments that don’t align with you values. Planners help you be more intentional with your time.
  6. Work Planners can help you meet your goals. If you’re able to carve out time to work on projects that move you closer to your big goals, and schedule that time into your planner, you can use more of your time to important tasks vs. “urgent” tasks.

     7. You’ll see your patterns improve -Some of the most popular instruments in your planner are trackers. They’ll help you to learn so many things about yourself. Since you can track anything, you’ll be able to find weird correlations you didn’t even think about before.

You don’t need “project manager” in your title in order to be someone managing a lot of projects. 

Everything from accomplishing your fitness goals to executing a major task at work can be viewed as a project requiring effective planning and execution in order to succeed. 

When tackling a big project, whether professional or personal, it’s helpful to have a separate notebook or planner to manage that specific target. A work planner notebook is beneficial in that it helps you capture the big picture as well as the nitty gritty details, all in one place. It gives you ample space to track deadlines , and provides you with the flexibility to customize the planner pages as you see fit. 

Plus, you can just bring your one notebook to project meetings and you won’t have to flip through a bunch of other information from other projects to find what you need.

You could always use software or apps to manage your big project, but there is tremendous power in writing things down. Not only does putting pen to paper help encode it in your memory, but this simple but powerful act makes you more committed to finishing your tasks.

Aside from improving your productivity and focus, a project planner notebook can help you feel more positive about your work. As someone who gets a mental boost anytime I cross something off a to-do list or see a bright array of color-coded tasks, I feel a sense of pride and excitement whenever I use my planner. 

Below are some tips on how to use a project manager notebook. considered as a project that requires excellent organisation and execution to be successful.

When undertaking a large project, whether professional or personal, having a separate notebook or planner to handle that specific aim is beneficial. A project planner notebook is useful because it allows you to capture both the large picture and the nitty gritty details in one spot. It provides plenty of room to monitor deadlines and allows you to personalise the calendar pages as you see appropriate.

Furthermore, you may carry only one notebook to project meetings, eliminating the need to go through a slew of additional documents.

Customize your project planner notebook

A project planner notebook offers tons of space and flexibility so you can follow multiple mini-projects that have lots of moving parts and deadlines. Whether you want to monitor the progress of a big project or capture your workload for the coming weeks, below are some of the ways you can customize your project planner. 

At-a-glance dashboard. Sometimes you need to see the most important information right away. At-a-glance dashboards can help you quickly see the most pressing items, such as:

  • Tasks
  • Project changes
  • Meetings
  • Upcoming deadlines
  • Important data/topics to research 

. You can use washi tape to separate a piece of your planner page for your quick review. You may even paperclip a sheet of pape3r to a planning page.

The Kanban board. Making a Kandon board is another fun and colourful way to keep track of the status of your projects (Kanban refers to a methodology that started at Toyota as a way to improve workflow). You can use post-it notes or washi tape to indicate if a project is in progress, completed, overdue, or not started. This is especially useful if you’re tracking many moving pieces under the same project.

Color-code your tasks.

Use colour coding to assign different colours to different groups. Green, for example, might represent financial tasks.

These are just some of the ways that a project planner notebook can help you tackle your big project. You can try a bunch of these tips at once and see what method works best for you to perfect your project planning strategy.

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