Polka Print Gift Packing Stationery kit


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Box: Transparent and acrylic material – 200 gsm thickness

Gift Tags: Matte paper  printed 200 gsm , 16 quantity, metal keyhole finish

Threads: Jute and powder blue, 1 meter

Wax seals buds: Powder blue, shiny and 8 quantity

Message Card: Matte paper plain ,white,200 gsm, quantity 8

Message Card Cover: Matte paper printed, 200 gsm, quantity 8

Envelops: Matte paper printed, 200 gsm, quantity 8

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Polka Print Gift Packing Stationery kit contains everything you need to make your gift look presentable, chic and pretty. If you are struggling to get good gift packing accessories, your worry ends here. Furthermore The kit has 5 accessories and they all are color and print coordinated.

The box, transparent and chic it has a matte finish and comes with 5 sections to it. Best for storage before and after the use of stationery . Secondly use it as a trinket box later, to keep your knick knacks or hair accessories, extra stationery or even jewellery.

Gift tags, particularly the most useful accessory while gifting. Mostly it’s hard to write on gift wrapping sheets or carry bags. This product helps you write your loved message or greeting. The fancy shape, matte paper quality and subtle prints makes any gift look well presented. And  keyhole with metal finish  makes its super easy to hang.

Jute Threads, something that we need every time and wander around the house to find it. These long matte colored jute threads are your solution for it. Hang your tags with them and the best part are they are color coordinated.

Message card with cover, there are times when writing a message seems personal and doesnt want other’s to read it. This made us to create a message card with color- coordinated cover that holds your feelings in a personal space. Matte finish 200 gsm paper and similar polka printed cover really ads that special touch and look beautiful to the eyes.

Wax seals buds, in the era of everything digital there is a special charm or romance of using old school techniques. One such accessory is wax seal buds. Warm them up and pour them slowly to be stamped on envelopes or cards or wrapping sheets.

Envelopes, always worrying about where to put small gifts or money. Evidently these envelopes are super handy and multi-purpose. Lastly 200 gsm paper quality and their compact yet useful size is one the easy hacks to stylish gifting.

Making of Polka Print Gift Packing Stationery kit:

We at Writenery created these kits to find a beautiful and chic way of presentation of gifts. Mostly for expensive and thoughtful gifts, this kit is extremely useful for packing it besides it looks beautiful.


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